Through the vision of founder Sunny Jain, the Bavna jewelry line embodies the essence of luxury and elegance with a modern approach to the timeless elements from the classic styles of fine jewelry.

Growing up in the family jewelry business, Sunny’s fascination with gemstones and jewelry began at a very young age and though he pursued and completed his medical degree, his passion drew him back to jewelry. A lifetime resident of Los Angeles, Sunny has always been a keen observer of fashion and style and as a world traveler he adds an international flair that makes him well suited to understand today’s cosmopolitan woman.

Sunny places family at the highest echelon of his priorities. Symbolic of this commitment, he derived the name Bavna from his Mother’s first name, the heritage and roots of which are traced to the ancient language of Sanskrit. The profound meaning of Bavna literally translated means “of good intentions”.

It is with unyielding good intentions that Bavna delivers the finest quality and design. Sunny finds inspiration from his immense respect and awe of nature and especially his wonderment and passionate appreciation for the deep beauty and purity of unrefined gemstones garnered straight from the soils of the Earth.

Bavna designs incorporate shapes, textures and images to create unique jewelry which signifies the essence of Designer Sunny Jain’s pure inspiration. Using only the finest materials and natural stones, each piece captures an ageless aura through exquisite craftsmanship interpreted for the modern lifestyle of today’s confident woman.

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